Our group is engaged in the production of technology products of mass consumption, focused on rehabilitation and improvement of the quality of life.

The developed technology is innovative and is unique, and all rights are protected by patents and a pilot sample has passed all tests!

The technological process is capable of fine and ultrafine grinding is difficult to grind raw materials.

Offered products:

a new generation of flour production. The uniqueness of the production is the ability to grind whole grains into flour without waste fractions for similar traditional flour top grade, which is not able to achieve, no existing technology. From our meal it is possible to bake bread and bakery products of the highest quality, with a balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates, enriched with all the vitamins and minerals laid down in the grain. The shelf life of the bread is increasing, while the quality of taste is at a very high level. As a result, we get a new quality product of mass consumption Production is waste-free and the economic performance increased by 35-40%.

Production of supplements for children, dietary and sports nutrition. Our technology is able to grind even for the ultra-fine grinding of materials such as various cakes and fruit waste to the state of microparticles. This powder is perfect as a filler in the children’s porridge in supplements for sports nutrition and diet. It contains a whole palette of healthy nutrients. These products have no analogues on the world market and integration will be very successful.

Production of organic compounds for medicine and cosmetology. On the basis of processing of seeds of various fruits into powder superfine grinding, it is possible to saturate the market of medicine and cosmetology natural supplements, which are especially relevant in an era of increasing intoxication and sensitization of people low-quality products of daily nutrition.

Also, there are developments in the area of processing and production of spices.

All products are manufactured using our technology, promote the emergence of new niches and improve already existing on the market of food. They are for healthy food and eco-friendly. Our products have full amount of vital nutrients.

Considering the latest trend and neediness of the population in health food, our range of products will have a good demand in the world market!

The products manufactured U-MILLS:

80 items of products that have no analogues in distributive networks.

30 items of cereals (for adult food) that have no analogues in distributive networks.

10 items of cereals (for baby food) that have no analogues in distributive networks.

50 items of spices and their combinations (powder-powder)

100 items of medicinal herbs and their combinations (powder-powder)

60 items of cosmetic preparations and their combinations (powder-powder and powder-oil)


Material Food Stainless Steel
Room dimensions for the mill complex 14х11 m

h=6 m

Dimensions of the mill module 3х3х4,5 m
Performance 250-500 kg/h (Depending on the raw material)
Weight of the mill module Not more than 800 kg
The yield of the grinding product 100%
Ecological compatibility Without waste and contaminants
Fineness of grinding 5-200 microns
Installed power 85 kWh
Consumption of electricity for processing 1 ton of wheat grain 160 KW
Service Semi-automatic (up to 2 people)
The time of collection, delivery, installation and final commissioning of the technological module 4 months
Warranty for the mill module 3 years
Feature The possibility of grinding any organic products with a humidity of ˂10-12% to the size of microparticles