With our technology you will be able to get the finished product out of waste!

Let’s start with the cocoa. A byproduct of the production of cocoa is cocoa shell – its husk of beans. However, these wastes are very useful, their practical application is very flexible. Cocoa shell contains up to 17% fat, and only 3-4% fat. It has high hardness for grinding. Our technology is able to grind cocoa beans to a size of 30 microns, which can be used as raw material for the production of finished confectionery and medicines.

In our lab, we took pictures through the microscope our products against the background of a human hair (50-75 microns). Given the complexity of the grinding of the product, we have the unique results.

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Grape Flour – the powder obtained by grinding the cake grape seed remaining after oil production. It is difficult to list all the areas where the use of grape seed powder: therapeutic, caring and decorative cosmetics, traditional and orthodox medicine, pharmaceuticals and confectionery industry. Like most of the products derived from the seeds of plants and seeds, grape flour is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and especially B vitamins.

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And it looks like apple pomace, and what happened after grinding. This powder is ideal as an additive to infant formula, because it raised a lot of vitamins.

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Pumpkin – one of the traditional products used in a wide variety of culinary delights. In the food consumed not only the juicy pulp but also the seeds, which are contained in a large amount. They are well of vitamins (B, E, PP, etc.), and also contain niacin, folic acid, selenium, potassium, potassium and other useful minerals. On the uniqueness of pumpkin seeds has been said quite a lot. For example, they help to strengthen immunity and improve general well-being of man. Especially popular in recent years enjoyed pumpkin pomace.

Pumpkin seed oil cake called refining the product obtained in the preparation of pumpkin oil. It uses cold pressed, allowing you to keep the pumpkin oil cake in all the beneficial vitamins, minerals, acids and other substances. Pumpkin seed oil cake – a valuable protein supplement (it contains protein in an amount up to 45%). Furthermore, it acts as a means of stimulating good digestion. it also helps to restore the activity of the gastrointestinal tract (a large proportion of the oil and fat – up to 20%).

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Linen pomace refers to high-quality dietary foods.

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Experience grinding pomace:

Material Initial size
The final size
Cocoa-pomace 2-15 30-50 200-400
Grape Flour 2-3 20-40 60-150
Linen pomace 5 20-60 400
Pumpkin pomace 2-15 30-50 200
Corn oil cake 7 30-200 60-150

Spice. Used in cooking, food processing (canning, confectionery, bakery, alcoholic beverage), as well as in medicine and perfumes.

After grinding of black pepper to facility “U-MILLS”, managed to achieve the maximum dispersion of

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This spent black pepper, so-called by-product production. After grinding, the smell, look and taste is difficult to distinguish from the usual black pepper

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Experience grinding spices:

Материал  Initial size
 The final size
Black pepper 5-7 20-30 500
Spent pepper 5-7 20-40 200-380

The products produced by our technology, and what it is:

Spices (flour powder):

Black Pepper – min. 3 items (for any production)

Leg pepper (spin) – min. 3 items (for any production)

Pepper red – min. 3 items (for any production)

Coriander (for any production)

Virtually any spices with humidity not exceeding 10%


Bagasse grape pits (flour powder)

Flax seed oil cake (flour powder)

Pumpkin seed oil cake (flour powder)

Cocoa Maxwell (flour powder)

Apple-cake (flour powder)

Corn oil cake at least 5 items (flour, powder)

Almost any cake with a moisture content not exceeding 10%