Processing and manufacturing of rubber products, sorbents, reducing agents and antioxidants.

In the semi-industrial sample for the experience we tried grinding silica, sulfur, talc and zeolites.

Silica is used in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, abrasives, concrete products, for silicon, as a filler in the production of rubber in the manufacture of refractories kremnezёmistyh in chromatography and others. The crystals exhibit piezoelectric properties of quartz and therefore
used in radio, ultrasonic units, in lighters.

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Approximately half of the sulfur produced is used in the production of sulfuric acid. Sulphur is used for the vulcanization of rubber, as a fungicide in agriculture and as sulfur colloid – medicine. Also as part of the sulfur compositions serobitumnyh seroasfalta used to obtain, as a substituent and Portland cement – for sulfur concrete. Sulfur is used for the manufacture of pyrotechnic compositions, previously used in the manufacture of gunpowder, used for the production of matches.

Artificially synthesized zeolites (permutity) are widely used in water purification devices as adsorbents, ion-exchangers, molecular sieves; used as donors and aktseptorovelektronov. They are used in vacuum pumps sorption type. Also, zeolites have been very widely used as catalysts in many petrochemical and refining processes and as heterogeneous catalysts. They are widely used in analytical chemistry as zeolite modified electrodes; gas detection; for the separation and concentration techniques.

Talc is the main component of children’s powders, and therefore the two names are often used as synonyms. It is used in the home to prevent friction contact surfaces (rubber gloves, shoes, between the camera and cycle / motorcycle tire), as well as to prevent sticking during long-term storage of various rubber products. Used in many Badakhshan and medicines (eg, calcium gluconate) as a source of magnesium and silicon. As the filler used in the rubber, paper, paint, medical (base tablets), perfumes and cosmetics and other industries.

Processing and grinding of rubber products. The basis of the experience we have crumb rubber tires.

The spectrum of use of crumb rubber is quite wide. Depending on the degree of comminution it is used:

  • in the manufacture of new tires (as additives to 10-15%);
  • in the manufacture of rubber articles for vehicles ( “Ford” uses as additives to 25% of rubber powder);
  • in the manufacture of hoses (40%);
  • in the manufacture of water-repellent coatings for roofs (up to 40%);
  • in the manufacture of railroad ties (60%);
  • in the manufacture of floor mats (10-100%);
  • in the manufacture of shoe soles (10-100%);
  • in the manufacture of wheels for wheelchairs (10-100%);
  • in the manufacture of coatings for roads (14-15 tons per kilometer of road);
  • in the manufacture of tennis courts and playground surfaces.
  • in the manufacture of concrete for the construction (as additives).
  • in the manufacture of a sorbent collection of crude oil and liquid petroleum products from the surface of the water and soil, for plugging oil wells, waterproofing layers green, etc .;

Results grinding rubber crumb with our technology were phenomenal

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Material Initial size
The finale size
Silica 1-2 5-30 500
Sulfur 3-15 1-30 200
Zeolites 1-2 5-30 600
Talc 0,05 5-30 600
Rubber dust 2 10 150